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300 mm Test Sieves

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Test sieves for laboratory sampling and particle size analysis. Made from stainless steel and compatible with all other certified test sieves, e.g. Endecotts, Retsch, Gilson. When buying test sieves it is important to make sure you buy the correct diameter sieves as BS certified sieves are described in metric whereas ASTM sieves are typically measured in imperial - to measure accurately take the inside diameter at the top of the sieve. Although, e.g., a 300 mm sieve looks very similar to a 12" sieve they are subtly different and therefore not interchangeable!


  • Body material: stainless steel.
  • Mesh material: stainless steel, woven wire
  • Certification: BS 410-1/ISO 3310-1.
  • Height: Full height (75 mm) and half height (40 mm).
  • Aperture size: 20 microns to 125 mm.
  • Trackable individual ID marked onto the sieve body.
  • 'Certificate of Conformity' and 'Test Sieve Record Card' supplied with each sieve.

*Note: These items are produced to order; as such delivery times are order dependent and can vary.

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