Sieve Re-meshing

At some stage of production, many industries needs to sieve, screen or grade their raw materials or products. In support of this, there is nothing quite as superior as woven wire mesh as a filtration medium. It is a highly durable material, being both resistant to corrosion and very strong. Mesh also offers excellent open areas. Likewise, it is supplied in many specifications. When your tensioned mesh sieves need re-meshing we can provide you with the best possible service.

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Re-meshing Knowledge & Experience

Robinson Wire Cloth Ltd. is able to provide a fast, high quality, filter sieve meshing service. This is because we have been re-meshing tensioned mesh sieves for many years to customers across both the UK and abroad. As a result, our staff share 100s of years of experience servicing companies from a range of industries. These customers include those from the metal powders, oil & gas, food & pharmaceutical and ceramics sectors. Our expertise in re-meshing tensioned sieves is supported through investment in the latest tensioning equipment. Likewise, our huge stocks of stainless steel mesh enable us to re-mesh frames very quickly.

Tensioned Mesh Sieves

In addition to re-meshing sieve frames, we also make tensioned mesh hand sieves as well as other types of woven mesh screens, e.g. ‘taped and eyeletted’ or ‘hook’ screens. We can also supply replacement sieve frames to fit sieve units from a range of leading manufacturers. Or, we can engineer bespoke sieve frames as you require.

With our knowledge and expertise we are confident we can offer you a first class ‘meshing’ service. We can:

  • re-mesh against free issue conventional or bonded mesh frames.
  • attach frames to a wide range of meshes from 0.025 mm to 11.1 mm aperture. We maintain large stocks of stainless steel mesh in a wide range of mesh counts and wire sizes. We can supply Type 316 and magnetic Type 430 as well as standard Type 304 stainless steel mesh.
  • supply replacement frames for many popular makes of sieve unit, including Russell Finex, Sweco, and William Boulton.
  • supply bespoke frames built to size, including ‘hook screens’ and polypropylene hand sieves.

Our facilities allows us to return your tensioned mesh sieves to you as quickly as possible minimising any delays to production. Hence, our lead times are second to none. Furthermore, we operate a ‘no minimum order quantity’ policy.