Test Sieves

Laboratory test sieves for all types of laboratory sampling and particle size analysis. Our sieves are compatible with all other certified test sieves, e.g. Endecotts, Retsch and Gilson. Hence, we make these from stainless steel bodies and are available in a range of specifications covering ISO (200 mm and 300 mm) and ASTM standards (8″ and 12″). As such, we supply our test sieves with a traceable individual ID marked onto the body, a ‘Certificate of Conformity’ and a ‘Test Sieve Record Card’.

Test Sieve RangeTest sieve

We supply sieve bodies, made from stainless steel, in several sizes. As such, in both half and full height, we sell in the most popular diameters of 200 mm, 8″, 300 mm and 12″. Also, customers can choose to buy other sizes too, e.g. 100 mm, 150 mm, 315 mm, 400 mm and 450 mm.

Woven wire mesh sieves are available with apertures ranging from 0.025 mm (25 microns) to 125 mm.

In addition to sieves made with woven wire mesh, we can also supply the following:

  • perforated plate sieves.
  • wet washing sieves.
  • coffee, diamond and grain sieves.
  • accessories, including sieve lids/covers, receivers and brushes.
  • polypropylene hand sieves (not test standard).


All our test sieves come with a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Our test sieves are high-quality products and precision engineered utilising the finest mesh available. As such, they conform to ISO 3310-1 and ASTM E11-16 standards. These specifications set the standards for woven wire test sieve cloth and test sieves. This means they are interchangeable with other certified sieves and will stack on, e.g., Endecotts sieves. They have no sharp or rough edges. Similarly, they are fully sealed to prevent contamination issues. Likewise, all sieves are fully washable and easy to keep clean.

Note: We produce these items to order. Hence, delivery times are typically 2/3 working days and large order quantities may take a little longer.