Hand Sieves

We manufacture hand sieves made from white polypropylene, in a range of sizes from 8″ through to 21″ diameter. These are tensioned mesh sieves and which we fabricate with almost any of the meshes from our stock (see mesh specifications). We maintain stainless steel stocks that include woven wire mesh with apertures ranging between 25 microns and 15 mm. Our hand sieves are food suitable; we employ food approved polypropylene and food safe stainless steel.

Making Hand SievesHand sieve

This item is produced, by ourselves, to order. As such delivery time is typically 2/3 working days from when customers place their orders. As standard we use Type 304 stainless steel mesh, although we do also have large stocks of Type 316 stainless steel mesh. If you require this grade attached to a hand sieve please phone us to arrange. Likewise, if it is a specific shape or size that you need please phone to discuss your needs. We are happy to produce bespoke products, e.g. with lugs or flanges, etc.

The method of attaching the mesh to the sieve body varies depending on the mesh used. During fabrication we heat seal mesh with apertures greater than 1 mm. For heat sealed sieves we do not use any nuts, bolts, washers and jubilee clips as seen in the image above. In contrast, we do not employ heat with mesh that is relatively fine, e.g. less than 1 mm aperture; this means we can re-mesh your sieves so that you get many years of service from them.

Of note, it is possible for you to re-mesh the sieves yourself. This is very useful if, e.g., you are working out ‘in the field’ somewhere remote. To do so, you simply need to buy replacement mesh from us. Please be aware though that getting a ‘good tension’ is very difficult unless you know what you’re doing; as such, please don’t expect your remeshing efforts to mirror the original supplied product!

We also provide a remeshing service for tensioned mesh sieves.