Mobile App

Mobile mesh appWe have developed a woven wire mesh smartphone app. This allows you to perform many of the calculations needed when working with woven wire mesh. Additionally, we have made a version of our mobile app available on this website, as an online calculator. The routines we have added to the mobile app include:

  • calculating the aperture size, open area and weight of woven wire mesh
  • comparing standard wire gauges and wire diameters
  • converting between feet/inches and metres/centimetres/millimetres
  • determining compositions of AISI grades
  • considering the tolerances acceptable in woven wire mesh as set out in ISO 9044:1999

Additionally, the app has links to our social media activity. It also includes our main contact details. Similarly, we have included a location map and links to parts of this website.

Free iPhone & Android Mobile App

Currently this app is available for free on the iPhone (as well as iPad)  and Android smartphone platforms. Hence, it is published in the Apple app store (click here), and Google Play store (click here). It is entirely free for you to use. However, if you would be willing to leave a review, with Apple or Google, we would greatly appreciate it. Likewise, if you have any suggestions for how we can develop the app and its content please let us know. We enjoy listening to feedback.qrcode

As an alternative, scan the QR code to the right with your mobile. This will take you directly to the app store relevant to your smartphone. Here you can also see reviews from other users. You can also see several screenshots displayed on the stores.

We hope you enjoy using it!