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Hand sieves (Polysieves)


Hand sieves (Polysieves) PS


  • Frame material - white polypropylene
  • Mesh material - stainless steel Type 304
  • Size - 199-533mm (8-21") diameter x 100mm (4") internal depth; 125mm (5") external depth
  • Frames can be re-meshed

Note: This item is produced, by ourselves, to order; as such delivery time is 2/3 working days. Also, we do have large stocks of Type 316 stainless steel mesh, as well as wider aperture meshes (up to 11.1mm aperture); if you require these attached to a hand sieve please phone us to arrange.

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Sieve outside diameter (mm)
Mesh count
Hand sieves (Polysieves) Hand sieves (Polysieves)